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Hello, my friend! I’m glad you’ve dropped by. You’re probably here because you’re looking for an excellent accountant in East London, right? Well, you’re in the right place. Let me introduce you to Harkia Chartered Accountants, the team that’s setting the bar high in the financial service sector. Also, we have 4.8 Star Reviews on Trustpilot.

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4.8 Star Reviews

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Limited companies, Freelancers, self-employed businesses, or a Landlords

Understandingaccounts and tax planning

We Are Chartered Accountants

So, what makes Harkia stand out from other accountants? To put it simply, we are not just accountants. We are chartered accountants. What does that mean, you may ask? Unlike regular accountants, chartered accountants have completed rigorous academic and professional training. This means we’re well-equipped to handle anything from complex tax calculations to intricate business consulting.

Our Expertise

At Harkia, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, precision, and passion for what we do. Our level of expertise is unparalleled, and we consistently deliver top-notch services that help our clients stay ahead financially. We understand that every business is unique, so we tailor our services to match your needs.

Our Team

Our team comprises the best chartered accountants in East London, each dedicated to providing nothing but the best for you. We stay up-to-date with the latest financial regulations and industry innovations, so you can be assured that you’re in competent hands. We don’t just crunch numbers; we build relationships.

Your Trusted Advisor

With Harkia, you’re not just getting an accountant; you’re getting a financial partner. We take your success personally and work collaboratively with you to ensure your business thrives. We are proactive, always looking for ways to save you money and maximise your profits.


Sole Traders

Retail, e-commerce, services, trade, Health & care

Self Assessment

Tax Returns: CGT, Rental Income, Director, High Earners, Employed RSU/Shares

CIS Contractors

  • CIS Tax Refunds
  • Construction
  • Building work
  • Tax Returns


  • Sole Trader
  • Unincorporated Businesses
  • Self-employed
Our Fee

For Self Employed Tax Returns




  • Tax Return
  • Submission
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Full Service



  • Tax Return
  • Submission to HMRC
  • Advisory
  • Dext app
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We can file Self assessment for Directors, sole traders and freelancers

Our Services

We offer various services, including; bookkeeping, financial consulting, tax planning, business advisory, and more. Whether you’re a start-up looking for financial guidance or an established business seeking to streamline your operations, we’ve got you covered, as we are the best accountants in East London.

Our Integrity and Transparency

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about trust. One thing that sets Harkia apart is our unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency. We value your trust and work hard to maintain it, providing you with clear, comprehensible financial reports and always being available to answer your questions.

Your Business Success

Choosing an accountant is a significant decision that can profoundly impact your business. So, why not choose the best? Why not choose a team that is as invested in your success as you are? Why not choose Harkia Chartered Accountants?

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Let’s talk about your financial future. Let’s make your business dreams a reality. Connect with us today, and let’s start this journey together. With Harkia, you’re not just in good hands; you’re in the best hands in East London.

Remember, your success is our success. We can’t wait to work with you! Please click the button below and see the difference.

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Our Accreditations & Certifications

Harkia Accountants Xero Accredited Advisors

Harkia Chartered Certified Accountants -ACCA Firm

Harkia Chartered Accountants -ICAEW regulated firm


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Accountants in East London

Our East London Office Address

Harkia Chartered Accountants

727 High Road Leytonstone
East London
E11 4RD
020 8558 6999

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting registered for self employment is easy, just click here to see our guide on ho w to register as self employed.

Anyone can trade as self employed, you could be a carpenter, mechanic, retailer, service provider or starting in a business, you can register as self employed.

Most sole traders or unincorporated business are are self employed. Sole trader is just a word telling everyone that the business is not incorporated. 

Just search accountant for self employed near me and we will be happy to prepare your tax return.

Why us.

We are Experienced Accountants in East London who providing accounting, tax, payroll, and VAT services for over 15 Years.

We have worked with many software & cloud platforms, and we are best placed to advise and integrate a system that works for you, and you can afford it.

When it comes to your business accounts, tax returns, or self-assessment, partnering with a reliable and knowledgeable accountant is essential. At Harkia Chartered Accountants, we are committed to being your trusted partner throughout your self-assessment journey. With our expertise, personalised solutions, and dedication to your financial success, we aim to make your experience seamless and stress-free. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together!

Chartered Accountants

Licensed by world’s top accountancy bodies. ICAEW & ACCA firm.

Expert Staff

For Accounts production – VAT – Tax Returns – Tax Advisory


Tax and Business advisory to save Tax and future planning.

Deadline Management

Our effective system ensures that none of your deadlines are missed thus avoiding penalties and stress.


Save £1,000’s in cost

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Since 2012

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