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The Remarkable Turnaround of London’s Jevel Gold Pro a Client Success Story

Loss making business

How to Develop a Profitable Business

— Jevel Gold Pro

A Well-established but loss-making medium-sized business in the heart of London


Welcome to the inspiring case study of Jevel Gold Pro, a well-established but loss-making medium-sized business in the heart of London, UK. Join me on this captivating journey as we explore how Harkia Chartered Accountants partnered with Jevel Gold Pro to revolutionise their operations, turn the tide, and transform their business into a thriving success story.

1. Unveiling the Challenges

Jevel Gold Pro, a renowned jewellery manufacturing and retail company, has been a prominent player in the industry for over two decades. However, despite its long-standing reputation, the company struggled to remain profitable. Multiple factors contributed to their downturn, including increased competition, rising production costs, limited market reach, and inefficient financial management.

The Management of Jevel Gold Pro was not sure how to develop a profitable business.

2 Engaging Harkia Chartered Accountants

Recognising the urgent need for expert guidance, Jevel Gold Pro sought the assistance of Harkia Accountants Ltd, a trusted name in the accountants‘ and business advisors’ industry. The partnership aimed to identify the root causes of Jevel Gold Pro’s financial struggles and implement a strategic plan to revitalise their business.

3 In-Depth Analysis

This task was delegated to our client manager and Hussain Rushad (The Practice Manager). Both of these managers are experienced chartered accountants; they embarked on a comprehensive analysis of Jevel Gold Pro’s financial records, operations, and market position. Their findings revealed critical areas that required immediate attention to reverse the company’s losses.

3.1 Identifying Operational Inefficiencies:

Jevel Gold Pro’s critical challenge was its inefficient production process. Both experts thoroughly reviewed and suggested streamlining operations by adopting modern machinery and implementing lean manufacturing techniques. Our efforts have led to remarkable cost savings and a significant boost in efficiency.

3.2 Analysing Market Reach:

Jevel Gold Pro had a limited presence in the market, which restricted its growth potential. Harkia’s team conducted a detailed market analysis, identifying untapped customer segments and international expansion opportunities. Jevel Gold Pro expanded its customer base and improved brand visibility by leveraging digital marketing strategies and establishing strategic partnerships.

4: Strategic Financial Management

Harkia Chartered Accountants recognised the importance of sound financial management in reshaping Jevel Gold Pro’s future. Mr. Rushad devised a comprehensive financial strategy encompassing budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and cost control measures.

4.1 Budgeting for Success:

Jevel Gold Pro was advised to implement a meticulous budgeting system to gain better control over their finances, allowing them to monitor and regulate their spending while maximising profitability. Harkia accountants’ other team provided ongoing support and guidance, ensuring the company’s budget adherence and identifying improvement areas.

4.2 Cash Flow Forecasting:

Harkia’s experts introduced accurate cash flow forecasting, enabling Jevel Gold Pro to anticipate and manage financial gaps effectively. By aligning their expenses and revenue streams, the company gained stability and was able to invest in growth opportunities.

4.3 Cost Control Measures:

With the help of Harkia’s team, Jewel Gold Pro implemented efficient cost control measures, reducing unnecessary expenses and optimising resource allocation. This allowed the company to save costs without compromising product quality or customer satisfaction.

5: The Remarkable Turnaround

The strategic partnership between Harkia Chartered Accountants and Jewel Gold Pro yielded remarkable results. Over two years, the company transformed its financial performance, turning significant losses into substantial profits.

5.1 Increased Revenue:

By expanding its market reach and implementing targeted marketing campaigns, Jevel Gold Pro experienced a surge in product demand. This led to a substantial increase in revenue, contributing to their overall profitability.

5.2 Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Jevel Gold Pro significantly improved its production efficiency by adopting lean manufacturing techniques and modern machinery. This reduced costs and allowed the company to meet customer demands promptly.

5.3 Strengthened Financial Stability:

Through the implementation of comprehensive financial management strategies, Jevel Gold Pro achieved enhanced financial stability. The company’s improved cash flow and reduced expenses ensured a sustainable growth trajectory.

6: Contact Us if your business is in a Similar Situation

The remarkable turnaround of Jevel Gold Pro demonstrates the transformative power of a strategic partnership with Harkia Chartered Accountants. If your business is facing similar challenges or you are not sure how to develop a profitable business, Join us on a transformative journey towards success by partnering with Harkia. Our team of expert chartered accountants is committed to helping businesses like yours overcome obstacles and achieve long-term profitability.


The story of Jevel Gold Pro serves as an inspiration to businesses struggling to stay afloat in competitive markets. With the right financial expertise and strategic guidance, even established companies can turn their losses into profits. Harkia Chartered Accountants’ partnership with Jevel Gold Pro gives useful insight to other businesses that can be profitable if they employ the right strategies in their businesses.

Remember, success is within your reach. Contact Harkia Chartered Accountants today and see the difference yourself.

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