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How to Write a Business Plan?

Read time: 3 Minutes Date: 17 May 2023


Executive  Summary

The executive summary is the first and most crucial part of a business plan. It is a brief overview of the entire plan and should be written in a way that captures the reader’s attention. The executive summary should contain:

A brief description of the business.

The target market and customer base.

The objectives and goals of the business.

The competitive advantage of the business.

The financial projections and funding requirements.


Executive Summary

Business Description


Market Analysis

Marketing and Sales Strategies


Market Analysis

The market analysis is an essential section of the business plan as it helps in understanding the industry and the competition. It should include:

  1. A description of the industry and its growth potential.
  2. The target market and customer demographics.
  3. A SWOT analysis of the business.
  4. A competitive analysis of the industry, including the competition’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. An analysis of the market trends and opportunities.

Business Description

The business description section should describe the business’s products or services, mission, and vision. It should include:

  1. A brief history of the business and its founders.
  2. The products or services offered by the business.
  3. The mission and vision of the business.
  4. The unique selling proposition of the business.
  5. Any patents or intellectual property owned by the business.

Marketing and Sales Strategies

The marketing and sales strategies section should outline how the business plans to generate sales and attract customers. It should include:

  1. The target market and customer demographics.
  2. The marketing channels the business plans to use, such as social media, email marketing, or advertising.
  3. The pricing strategy for the products or services.
  4. The sales strategy, such as direct sales or partnerships.
  5. The customer acquisition cost and the lifetime value of a customer.

Operations and Management Plan

The operations and management plan section should describe how the business will operate and manage its resources. It should include:

  1. The organizational structure of the business.
  2. The roles and responsibilities of the management team.
  3. The manufacturing or production process of the products or services.
  4. The inventory management and supply chain process.
  5. The facilities and equipment required for the business.

Financial Projections

The financial projections section should include the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow projections for the business. It should include:

  1. The revenue projections for the next three to five years.
  2. The cost of goods sold and the gross profit margin.
  3. The operating expenses, such as rent, salaries, and marketing costs.
  4. The net income projections for the business.
  5. The funding requirements for the business, including any loans or investments required.


In conclusion, a business plan is a critical document for any UK business. It helps in securing funding, attracting investors, and providing a roadmap for the business owner to follow. A well-written business plan should include an executive summary, market analysis, business description, marketing and sales strategies, operations and management plan, and financial projections. By following these guidelines, you can create a comprehensive and effective business plan.

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