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Simple Will

For those who need simple Wills written including the wills such as mirror wills for couples.

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Wills & Tax

A simple Will with no tax planning, costs ££££. effective Will reduces tax bill and IHT.

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Wills & Trust

Where a trust is required to be formed to protect interest and estate for beneficiaries or where its in the best interest of testator, Wills need to be drafted to be valid for such purpose.

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Do you have a Valid Will?

Do you have Will that works?

Having a Valid Will is often overlooked by many due to insufficient knowledge of how the process works. Having a will is one thing and having a will that works and saves taxes such as CGT and IHT for your loved ones and you is essential. Wrong decision in life time in making gifts or transfers with out seeking tax advisory from Chartered Accountants and tax advisors like us will cost £100k+ in taxes.

We as tax advisors have a client relationship to advise on tax matters and weather having a trust is best in their situation.

There are many variable to testator’s estate including wife and complicated family issues. Thus a careful consideration is required to be advised on key matters to save tax and estate in future to benefit your beneficiaries.

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What is Trust?

Have a trust, but why?

Where family assets needs to be protected for beneficiaries and keeping the estate within family, a Trust can achieve this.

Essentially for under 18’s, disabled beneficiaries or safe guarding children’s interest, where surviving spouse remarries.

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Accounting-Tax -Will – Trust

Accounting and Tax advise for Businesses and Individuals. Including Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Inheritance Tax, Succession Planning, Wills & Trusts, Probate & Estate Administration.

Accounts & Tax

Our staff prepared Company Accounts, VAT Returns,  Corporation Tax Returns and submit them to HMRC. Our Payroll Administrators process the company Payroll (PAYE). Self Assessment Tax Returns are completed for directors/self employed Individuals as required.

Wills & Probate

Our clients find it very convenient that we are their accountants and tax advisor’s. We can help them for succession and tax planning including capital gains tax and Inheritance Tax. Our Wills & Probate service assures clients of effective advice and planning for Will and tax consequences.

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