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Performance Related Shares

Tax Returns forEmployees with RSU & Stock Options

It is becoming increasingly popular for high growth start-ups to offer their key staff with performance related shares and securities. This serves two purposes, it gives a stake to key employees and incentivise them to work harder to increase performance to increase share price and benefit from the increased pricing.

The most common of the employee related shares and securities are the restricted stock units RSU’s and share options.

These are taxed differently depending on the agreement and underlying performance targets.

If you are required to complete your tax return, complete your tax return with tax expert for RSU & stock options.

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Restricted Stock Units RSU are restricted and are available only after an agreed time.

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Share Options

Employees get share options provided they meet their outputs.

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Restricted Stock Units RSU

As the name suggests, restricted stock units RSU are shares granted to key employees typically senior level executives to reward them staying with the company for longer term and be efficient enough so they can earn the most by the increase in value of their stock.

The shares are issued and vest (available to employee) during fixed duration of their employment. They could receive further shares as per their contract to keep them interested and engaged in company’s success.

There are taxable consequences and reporting requirements to HMRC. Depending on an employee’s circumstances a tax return may be required to declare and report income and income tax payable.

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Employee related Share Options

Share option is another tool at owner’s/stakeholder’s disposal to incentivise key employees and executives.

Share options are a rights given to shareholder to get shares at a lower price at a certain date provided they full fill underlying conditions of performance targets.

You may need to complete a tax return to declare the additional earnings to HMRC.

Please get in touch with us to get your tax return started.

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What are typical performance targets for key employees with RSU & Share Options?

The most common form of targets are to increase earnings per share EPS or to reach certain milestones in development by fixed time.

Key employees may be required to drive profits upwards by reducing cost or getting alternative methods to reduce cost.

Any Organisation or a start up can decide on the specific performance targets and key dates of giving benefits to key employees.

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