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WhyDirectorneed Tax Return?

A limited company director needs to do a tax return annually if in receipt of dividends or have received a noticed from HMRC to do so.

If directors have other income such a rental income, saving interest, capital gains or other income, they need to include that on the tax return.

If you are a one man director/share holder of a limited company and you only have earnings from the company, you need to declare it on the tax return.

We are happy to assist you to complete your tax return for director from £149,

You may need to do tax return for other reasons as dicusced in tabs on the right.


Sole Traders

Retail, e-commerce, services, trade, Health & care

Self Assessment

Tax Returns: CGT, Rental Income, Director, High Earners, Employed RSU/Shares

CIS Contractors

  • CIS Tax Refunds
  • Construction
  • Building work
  • Tax Returns


  • Sole Trader
  • Unincorporated Businesses
  • Self-employed

We can file Self assessment Directors

As a Chartered accountants with years of experience, we have prepared and submitted tax returns for directors and have saved them in thousands.

We charge £149 as accountants for directors for a simple tax return. This provides assurance and confidence to directors that they have complied with UK tax laws.

We charge a proportionate fee to directors who have other earnings such as income from disposing employment related securities, capital gains, or having self employed earnings, together with rental income as a landlord or two properties.

Our fee represents the equivalent of work involved and complexities in the tax return.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting registered for self employment is easy, just click here to see our guide on ho w to register as self employed.

Anyone can trade as self employed, you could be a carpenter, mechanic, retailer, service provider or starting in a business, you can register as self employed.

Most sole traders or unincorporated business are are self employed. Sole trader is just a word telling everyone that the business is not incorporated. 

Just search accountant for self employed near me and we will be happy to prepare your tax return.

Why us.

We are Experienced Accountants providing accounting, tax, payroll, VAT services for over a 15 Years.

We have worked with many software & cloud platforms are we are best placed to advice and integrate system that works for you and you can afford.

Chartered Accountants

Licensed by world’s top accountancy bodies. ICAEW & ACCA firm.

Expert Staff

For Accounts production – VAT – Tax Returns – Tax Advisory


Tax and Business advisory to save Tax and future planning.

Deadline Management

Our effective system ensures that none of your deadlines are missed thus avoiding penalties and stress.


Save £1,000’s in cost

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