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Why I choose Chartered Accountants

Read time: 7 Minutes Date: 04 July 2023



In the realm of financial management, businesses cannot afford to make compromises, especially when it comes to selecting a business accountant. This factsheet aims to shed light on the significance of, Why I choose Chartered Accountants over an unqualified individual who calls themselves accountant(s). We will discuss in detail why utilising the services of an unqualified accountant, despite their lower fees, can prove to be significantly more expensive in the long run. A case study will be presented to illustrate how a business owner suffered substantial financial losses due to the hiring of an unqualified accountant.


Knowledge and Expertise

Professional Ethics and Accountability

Regulatory Compliance


Code of Ethics and Conduct

Worldwide Professional Reputation


1. The Role of Qualified Chartered Accountants:

A. In-depth Knowledge and Expertise:

Chartered accountants undergo rigorous training and education which enables them to possess comprehensive knowledge in various financial domains, including taxation, auditing, financial reporting, Management Accounts, and business advisory services.

B. Professional Ethics and Accountability:

Chartered accountants adhere to a strict code of professional ethics, ensuring that they perform their duties ethically and responsibly.

C. Regulatory Compliance:

Chartered accountants stay updated with the ever-changing financial regulations, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with legal requirements.

2. The Risks of Using an Unqualified Accountant:

a. Limited Knowledge and Experience:

Unqualified accountants often lack the necessary qualifications and training required to handle complex financial matters, potentially leading to errors and inaccuracies.

b. Inadequate Understanding of Taxation:

Tax laws are intricate and subject to regular changes. Unqualified accountants may fail to comprehend these complexities, resulting in missed opportunities for tax savings or incorrect filings.

c. Increased Risk of Financial Penalties:

Inaccurate financial reporting and non-compliance with legal regulations can result in severe financial penalties for businesses, which unqualified accountants may inadvertently expose their clients to.

The above should now give you an idea on, Why I choose Chartered Accountants.

Case Study: The Costly Consequences of Hiring an Unqualified Accountant

Scenario: ABC Ltd, a medium-sized manufacturing company, hired an unqualified accountant to handle their financial affairs due to the lower fees offered. However, the company suffered substantial financial losses due to the following reasons:

a. Taxation Errors:

The unqualified accountant failed to stay updated with tax regulations, resulting in the company missing out on several tax deductions and incentives. Over a period of three years, this accounted for a loss of £500,000.

b. Financial Mismanagement:

Due to inadequate financial knowledge, the unqualified accountant made incorrect financial decisions, resulting in poor investments and capital misallocation. This led to an additional loss of £1.5 million.

c. Legal Consequences:

The unqualified accountant failed to submit accurate financial reports to regulatory bodies, resulting in a breach of legal requirements. The company had to pay a hefty fine of £250,000 for non-compliance.

Total Losses Incurred: £2.25 million


Choosing a qualified Chartered Accountant in the London area is crucial for businesses, as their expertise, knowledge, and accountability can prevent costly mistakes and ensure compliance with financial regulations. Hiring an unqualified accountant may initially seem cost-effective, but the potential financial losses and legal repercussions can be devastating. It is recommended that businesses based in London opt for the services of reputable chartered accountants, such as Harkia Chartered Accountants in London, who have a proven track record of providing professional financial services and safeguarding the interests of their clients.

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