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Accountants & Specialists for VAT Investigations

Getting VAT investigation or having a VAT visit is Daunting for anyone!

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Specialist for  VAT Investigation

Getting a VAT investigation for any business is common and should be expected at least once every four years.

HMRC Inspectors have prior information and background research into what triggered the VAT investigation into a limited company or a business.

Keeping records and claiming the correct amounts in the VAT returns and accounts is key. If the information is not synchronised between the accounting journals and the end accounts and VAT returns, the investigation scope can expand to other years, creating an awkward situation.

We are expert accountants in VAT investigations based in Leytonstone London. We always advise our clients to be prepared for the day when a VAT Inspection notice arrives or VAT inspector starts the investigation into the business.

It is quite important to have an accountant like us who can help you prepare for tax investigations in the local area of Leytonstone. This avoids undue stress and penalties later.

We are tax investigation and unreported income specialists in Leytonstone, London, whether you are a business or a landlord. Check out our other investigation services page, such as Landlord Investigation, Corporation tax investigation or personal tax investigation.

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I need a VAT Investigation Accountant:

Why do I have VAT investigation?

There are several reasons why a business may be selected for an HMRC VAT investigation.

One reason is if there are discrepancies or inconsistencies in a business’s VAT returns. HMRC may flag these issues during their regular risk assessments or audits, which can trigger an investigation.


Another reason is if a business has a history of non-compliance with VAT regulations. If a business has previously been found to have underreported VAT or engaged in fraudulent activities, HMRC may be more likely to investigate them again in the future.

Business Industry

Additionally, businesses in certain industries or sectors may be more likely to be selected for an HMRC VAT investigation. For example, businesses involved in construction or the sale of high-value goods may be more likely to be investigated due to the higher risk of VAT fraud in these industries.


It is important to note that being selected for an HMRC VAT investigation does not necessarily mean that a business has done anything wrong. HMRC carries out investigations as part of their efforts to ensure that businesses comply with VAT regulations and pay the correct amount of VAT. If you have been selected for an HMRC VAT investigation, it is important to cooperate fully with HMRC and seek professional advice if necessary.

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If you received a letter from HMRC for a VAT investigation do the following:

  • Don’t Panic
  • Understand what is asked
  • Contact us to deal this matter for you.

Tax Investigations can be costly and have enormous pressure on a business. We are expert accountants for VAT investigation in Leytonstone, London.

Our experience allows us to get the investigations resolved in before it expand its scope or gets out of hand.

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